What you need to know before purchasing your plants online

Rimba Lab uses good quality packaging materials available to ensure your plant arrives safe and healthy. Packages may get broken or damaged in transit. If your order is damaged during shipping, we need to be contacted within 48 hours of you receiving the damaged parcel. We will do our best to correct the issue. Broken branches are cosmetic and should be pruned; wilted leaves are a result of long-distance travel and will recover after water and rest.

Please DO NOT proceed with the planting if you are concerned with its condition upon receiving. We need to know immediately; otherwise the plant’s viability will fall out of our control and responsibility. 

To make a claim, we will need picture documentation. We ask that you take at least 1 picture of the damaged box on the outside and at least 2 pictures of the damaged plant on the inside. Please send the images to rimbalab@gmail.com. Once we receive the pictures, we can make an assessment of the damage.